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How To Concentrate

How to Concentrate

Watching your thoughts, focusing on a single object, observing emptiness and merging with light are all fundamental techniques used in teaching people how to concentrate.

Contrary to popular believe, most people never learn how to concentrate. It is a skill. A valuable skill and one that takes effort to achieve.

But learning how to concentrate has put men on the moon, build railroads, forged empires, bored holes thru the face of reality and created virtually everything that most people value. Even animals know how to do this in their own way. Yet the modern world seems dead set on destroying this ability in most people. Nonstop entertainment and distracting lights scattered everywhere are commonplace beyond measure.

Paying attention, and the accompanying ability to focus, turns this noise off. You find yourself calmer, more poised and better prepared to handle your day. With time, you will figure out what it is you want to do with you.

Learning how to concentrate is the first stage in learning how to take control of your life and liberating yourself. A wiser man said, “free your mind and your ass will follow.” SixtySkills is impartial to the series of events as long as you do eventually succeed.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in meditation
  • Anyone interested in magic, yoga or witchcraft
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to concentrate
  • Anyone who has trouble focusing
  • Anyone who has trouble paying attention

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Verified Buyer

2 weeks ago

Happy with the things I learned in this course.

I've been meditating since the beginning of the year (2024), and I feel that this course will allow me to refine my meditation skills.

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Learning How To Concentrate


About Sixty Skills

SixtySkills is transforming the traditional transmission of meditative, and yogic, instruction from one of master to disciple to a modern online learning format. SixtySkills has covered the globe and over a thirty-year period derived the key techniques from all the major schools of Buddhism, Hermetics, Hindu-Yogic, and Taoist practice. Sixty Skills brings yogic, and meditative, instruction into the 21st century. No more kneeling at the feet of the master. All of the primary skills needed to engage any of the various meditative phenomena are available here via distance learning. If you have the work ethic, then no secrets are necessary.