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Resistance Training for Magicians: The Yoga of Strength

The Yoga of Strength…

Using resistance training to enhance subtle energy is a very old art. In fact, it may be the one of the oldest forms of energetic training. People tend to forget that the Buddha was originally a member of the Kshatriya caste. He most certainly utilized resistance training to enhance the meditative, and yogic work, members of his class engaged in.

The ways of doing this vary greatly over time from stone locks to kettlebells to elastic bands to barbells. Even stationary objects can be utilized. Your imagination is the only limit to this training once you understand the fundamentals of how to generate the lines of force used.

This enhanced energy can then be applied to other energetic based meditations involving things like the elements and the planets.

By training the Yoga of strength you will improve all aspects of your energetic, meditative, magical and yogic endeavors. This includes access to the more subtle levels of existence.

The simple truth is that a strong body generates strong energy. And strong energy makes all forms of meditative work easier.

So, come join SixtySkills for an introduction to the electric and magnetic lines of force and the Yoga of Strength.



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