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Merging with your Guardian Angel: Course 3

Denny Sargent introduces his course, showing you step by step how to meet with and work with your Holy Guardian Angel.


This is the final course in the three stages of becoming one with your Guardian Angel - the penultimate experience of union with your HGA awaits you. The Term Hieros Gamos is key here, it means the divine ‘Sacred Marriage,’ in this case, complete union with your higher Self or HGA. The term is used in Alchemy to denote the goal or end of the alchemical working. In legend this is the making of gold from lead, the truth is it is changing the Lead of your mundane life into the Gold of union with the divine. This is why the HGA is often assigned to Tiphereth, the solar center of the Tree of Life. This is a good meditation as you move forward.

To prepare you for this event you have been working towards, let me briefly mention the keys that will unlock this experience.

You must confront and understand your Shadow. the dark side of your soul or psyche that is paired with the glowing divinity of your being, your Guardian Angel. You will see and understand that these two haves are really a whole, your very being, and they must both be accepted and accepted. There can be no light without dark and no dark without light, every mountain has a light side and a shadow, this is why the Yin Yang has a flowing light/dark swirl to it.

The way forward to accepting and releasing any fixations on your Shadow lie in confronting the Kleshas, Sanskrit for ‘knots’ that have to be unraveled and understood.

You will also use the Chakras to align your body and soul with the HGA, researching these things will help you.

In the end you will do the great operation or ritual known in occult circles as the Knowledge & Conversation with the Guardian Angel.

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Merging with your Guardian Angel: Course 3


If you have not completed course 1 & 2 then this course is of no use. 

Please see course 1 OR purchase the bundle (Courses 1-3) for a lower price.