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Attaining your Guardian Angel by Denny Sargent: Course 1

If you are involved in esoteric systems, Hermetic magick or any type of mysticism, you are likely aware that every Western occult order and group at some point in their initiatory progression insists on your discovery and bonding with your Holy Guardian Angel, and not just in Western Magic. I am a long-term initiated Tantric in the Nath Tantrika lineage and Uttara Kaula lineage. In Tantra the process of bonding with your Guardian is very much the same as it is in Western occultism, but the Guardian Angel is called the Guardian Spirit or Atman in Tantra. In mystical islam it is also called the Guardian Angel, and many other esoteric traditions include this mystical Self as Jung called it, as being the key to all gnosis and illumination. I can attest that this is true and I will show you step by step. 

So, why are we on this planet? Is there a purpose or plan to our lives? How can God help you understand this plan and your place in it? Your Guardian Angels is God’s most direct and personal answer to these questions. Your Guardian Angel exists to help you, explain to you, and guide you through the divine plan that you embody. If you follow the path provided for you, with the help of your HGA you will find real happiness, real peace, and real freedom; the goals of life. The key is to find your true will, the plan that divinity has provided for you, and follow it. But where do you start? By forming a solid and real connection with your Guardian Angel. 

The goal of these classes is to prepare you, guide and clearly show you how you can make a deep, personal, life-changing bonding with your Guardian Angel and so follow your magical path, plan, and true will. This being is your personal. direct connection with God. It is, in fact, a spark of God inside you. This being is patiently guiding you and

helping you every day, though you may not be conscious of it. Your HGA loves you deeply, no matter what you do or who you are. It was born with you and will never abandon you and will help you transition into another life when you die. You can call upon this being for real help and guidance at any time once you connect with it.

What will you learn from Course 1?

In Course 1 we learn about the history of Angels and especially the Holy Guardian Angel. You are introduced to the amazing world of the HGA and the fact that almost every religion and faith recognizes the Guardian Angel or Guardian Spirit, a spark of God that you were born with whose whole goal is to help you, guide you, inform you and follow you from birth to death, and how if you choose to recognize it, you can reach out to it and embrace it. If you do so with love and will, your HGA will reach towards you and do everything it can to help and mentor you. You are taught specific exercises to enable this process to take place.

  • How the Holy Guardian Angel is crucial to all Ceremonial Magick
  • How your Holy Guardian Angel Helps you in your Work
  • Historical explanations of what Angels are, their history and truth
  • The history of the Holy Guardian Angel in most religious traditions
  • Why the Holy Guardian Angel is crucial for spiritual and magickal advancement
  • How connecting with your Holy Guardian Angel will benefit you
  • How to remove obstacles from your path
  • Crucial exercises that you need to begin the process 
  • Plus many more things, far too much to list here

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Attaining your Guardian Angel by Denny Sargent Course 1

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Denny Sargent (aka: Aion 131, Hermeticusnath)

A Seattle writer, artist and university instructor whose extensive global travels and esoteric studies informed the backbone to numerous published books. Involved for decades with numerous esoteric traditions, the author has published works on Alternative Religions, Hermetic Magick, Taoism, Animism, Shinto and Tantra. 

Published books include: Global Ritualism, The Tao of Birth Days, Your Guardian Angel And You, Clean Sweep, The Book of the Horned One, Naga Magick, Dancing With Spirits, Werewolf Magick & Dog Magick.