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How to Breathe Astral Energy

How to Breath Astral Energy?

Loosely speaking, it is the energy of the breath. Breath control and its interaction with the body form the basis of how astral energy is both generated and worked with. The accompanying states of Matter, Energy, Space and Time (MEST) greatly influence the experience of astral energy as well.

This course details what astral energy is, its relationship to MEST, how it is experienced and trained. Additionally, the course details ways it can be utilized, the limits of that utilization and, most importantly, how it may be increased.

The concept of MEST plays an important role in meditation and metaphysics write large. The role of astral energy within this construct is a crucial one to bridge the abstract world of the mental with the concrete world of the physical. Understanding this bridge creates a powerful, and liberating, ability to build the life you want.

Additionally, understanding the role of astral energy in terms of sensation, and emotion, further empowers a practitioner to take charge of their life. This active role in the life of the practitioner takes on greater importance as their work with the astral deepens.

Finally, learning to work with the astral sets the stage for working with the mental level of reality and its associated energies.

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