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Creating Your Life's Movie

Creating Your Life's Movie

If your life were a film, would anyone watch it? Would you find it boring or a tale of epic adventure?

Active visualization is often used by success coaches to get clients to create the world they want to live in. But that visualization often leaves a lot out. Would you really watch a film with no sound or subtitles?

Likewise training the various subtle skills in meditation are what allows a practitioner to communicate with the other parts of existence. As one of the big secrets in magic is that anything visualized strongly enough on the astral will eventually become reality in the material if it is physically possible and is given enough effort.

In this course you will use your skill of imagination to create other worlds and in do so finally be able to grasp what has always been just outside your line of sight waiting for you.

A useful skill for fiction authors as well as meditators results in a practitioner developing fully formed worlds and as a result seeing those things that conventional reality says aren’t there. In doing so, you will realize that the conventional model of reality while largely accurate has a few holes, and gaps, in its thoughts on what is, and is not, possible. In doing to you will be able to more fully engage reality in its entirety.

So, come join SixtySkills on this epic adventure and turn your life into the film it always should have been even if you couldn’t quite see it before.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in meditation
  • Anyone interested in magic
  • Anyone interested in magick
  • Anyone interested in evocation
  • Anyone interested in witchcraft
  • Creating a film of their life
  • Understanding their environment
  • Understanding cognitive dissonance
  • Anyone interested in multi sensory manipulation



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