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How to Learn Kabbalah from the Spirit World Via Evocation

How to Learn Kabbalah from the Spirit World Via Evocation

Twenty-seven letters made known to man…the original magic of the Egyptians, Phoenicians and Hermeticists of old…the God levers….the rarest of magics and the one that is known only to man. Welcome to the Kabbalah as known to Franz Bardon.

The trouble is, who are you going to learn this from? Maybe three to four hundred people worldwide practice the method. Well, Bardon’s second book Practical Evocation gives us all a way out of this pickle…

Enter Radina, a near Earth spirit who specializes in initiating others into….Kabbalah.

In this course, SixtySkills introduces you to Radina, his functions and gives a clear explanation of how the planetary meditations work writ large. Special attention is paid to discussing the different forms of evocation, the benefits and limitations. Also a variety of things to think about that might hone your practice are discussed as well, not to mention the issues of how spirits manifest differently depending upon how and where they are evoked.

In addition, the ball above head method demonstrated here provides a functional methodology into working with all the other planets and a clear pathway to do so culminating in a trip to Uranus where a magician can learn everything there is to know about Kabbalah as presented by one Franz Bardon.

So, join SixtySkills today and learn to evoke Radina.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in meditation, yoga, magic and subtle energy
  • Anyone interested in learning Kabbalah
  • Anyone interested in learning evocation
  • Anyone interested in learning how to summon a spirit
  • Anyone interested in mediumship

*REQUIREMENTS: The ability to generate Akasha, a sacred space and a sigil card

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