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Practical Magical Evocation with Jake Green

The popularity of topics on the occult, mysticism, and esotericism has been on a steady rise due to the advent of the internet. Many books and courses have sprouted here and there, claiming to have the best and authoritative claim on the subject. After all, who would not want to study the hidden realities that we meet every single day and communicate with them? Who would not want to achieve their full potential by taking advantage of the assistance that these hidden forces to one’s advantage so that they can get through life better, healthier, and wealthier?

The Complete Evocation and Invocation Masterclass

This Course is Different

Anyone can go to the internet and see the tons of content available on occult topics. However, despite the many courses, books, and content available some are just impractically expensive or are taught wrongly by people who just read a few books and are now claiming to be teachers without doing the leg work.

This course is different.

Too often than not, most magical practitioners are deeply dissatisfied with the results they are producing through invocation and evocation. Practitioners are constantly confused with all the correspondences and rituals, which are becoming outdated relics of the past. The result: people start becoming “arm-chair magicians” because of

intellectualizing the process too much and not actually doing the magical work. Practitioners become inflexible about the true nature of evocation and invocation instead of looking at it from the angle of time-tested principles.

This course will teach you techniques that will make you a brilliant magician and get you out of the “arm-chair”. Taught by the long-time magician and teacher Jake Green, this course will provide you with practical and time-tested steps into achieving practical magical evocation. Jake has sat and trained under various teachers and has practiced magical evocation for years. In his practice, he has worked and learned under the tutelage of many spirits through invocation and evocation.

This course not only teaches techniques, but it also provides you with transmissions of various spirits and planets so that you can work with them more effectively and get the most of what they have to offer.

This course is an absolute fantastic resource for anybody studying magic and mysticism. This course is a treasure trove of information that fills in gaps found in Western and Eastern Magic that would benefit from comments from a practitioner who has worked with and clarified many of its concepts over the years.


This course will gain you the ability to safely evoke and invoke virtually any spirit, genius, universal intelligence, or muse, starting with the spirits of our planetary hierarchy. Getting this course will help you learn the principles needed to create the ultimate magic circle, and you will be able to increase the efficiency and energetic power development for your innovation and evocations by 10x.

This course will provide you materials to construct a method by which you can achieve most of the benefits that are possible magically that can be obtained without the debt incurred from working with spirits through magical pacts and accounting.


This course will not only introduce you to various occult topics if you have not learned about them already, but also deepen your understanding on topics that you may have previously learned.

The course will walk you through not only practical evocation but also the following:

  • Magical tools and how best to work with them
  • Working with and creating elementals
  • Invoking energies of planets for neutralizing the effects of spheres
  • Invoking the beings of the elements
  • The Quadrapolar Magnet Exercises
  • Using Light to work with Evocation
  • Circuit Training Energy for Power Generation
  • Automatic Writing
  • 30-day Accelerated Action Plan
  • And many more!

This course not only offers you deep insights into various occult and esoteric topics, but it will also provide transmissions and attunements for working with different planets and spirits so that you can communicate and work with them yourself!

Some transmissions and attunements offered in this course are the following:

  • Akashic Transmission
  • Light of the Evocational Magician
  • Light of the Planets Attunement 
  • Working with the Mercurial Sphere 
  • Working with the Venusian Sphere
  • Working with the Sun Sphere

I did an Invocation of Emnasut yesterday it was very intense, I saw bright light and felt every cell in my body vibrate. It was so strong an experience I literally had to go to bed to sleep...really amazing and I felt my magical circle saturated with this energy and vibration. Very impressive.

— Student of the Evocation Masterclass


To get the most out of this course, practice and grunt work is expected.

Being an engaged learner is the first step in making the most of the course.

This implies that you are listening attentively to the videos. You can simply sit back in your chair, unwind, and absorb the information. Have a notebook nearby, make notes, ask questions, and attempt to respond to them as you read the information. Digital notes can also be taken on computers or mobile devices.

Making notes is the second step.

Before and after your meditation sessions, while you are listening, and during your practice sessions; it is crucial that you keep a journal so that you can compare your before and after pictures and make the necessary adjustments. You can fix your mistakes if you are aware of them.

Making sure you have the correct attitude is the third stage.

Before beginning the exercises in this course, close your eyes and reflect on times when you felt very confident about what you were doing. In ceremonial magic, everything we do revolves around reaching a peak level and doing it on demand. For example, when we open our magic circle, we instantaneously enter a peak state of rapture, bliss, or

whatever emotion is necessary to perform the ritual.

All the doors will be opened by doing the work and doing it diligently.

The last thing you might want to do is pretend that I am present with you as you go through this course. 

According to the Akashic principal, which we may not have fully understood yet, Akasha is not bound by space or time. So, when I am  sending these messages to you, time and space are not constraints on us. I am communicating with you through video. By applying the same theory, just tune in with me and see if you can transfer into the condition, I am in right now or the classroom where I am lecturing. To claim this course as your own, you must connect with me through screen where this course is conveyed.

Hiya Jake. Just to let you know how grateful I am for the course... I've experienced a lot of healing and I am sure a lot more to come. It is as if something that has been troubling me has been dissipated after so very long.

— Student of the Evocation Masterclass

Course curriculum

Bonus Courses

Bonus Course 1

This training builds your power and ensures consistent results. You will be surprised how quicky you see and feel the results.

Bonus Course 2

Accelerate your training by working with light. By applying your new skills to IIH you gain incredible growth.

Bonus Course 3

Learn to apply your skills to automatic writing. Every detail is covered in this huge bonus course.

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Olaf h.

9 months ago

Be a link between earth and higher sphere

Like the title, an express way to contact and work with entities from the second book of Mr Franz Bardon. After some month of practice no doubt they are waiting us for our developpement and for push "gods energy" in the middle of us. A detail of what happen, a lot of my thinking and self practice was discribed by jake in older video like to say we are here to work with you 🙂


9 months ago

An incredible experience!

This course is amazing. Had I stuck to and only followed the more traditional approach it would have been a very long time before I could do something even remotely close to this. This course opened up all those doors... and rather quickly at that! Not only am I working with the spirits found in Bardon's PME, but my progress in Bardon's first book has taken off as well. I've made some great spiritual allies, have seen major improvements in all areas of my life and it just keeps getting better. And there is so much material here to work through and enjoy. Every single thing this course said it could do, it did. And more!


10 months ago

You’re one way ticket to everywhere.

I have gotten everything I’ve wanted and more from this course including contact with the creator of it. My love life and spiritual life are just some the places that have been brought to new heights. Best investment I’ve ever made.

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The Complete Evocation and Invocation Masterclass is everything you need to go from an uncertain beginner to an experienced practitioner. Jake the teacher is available every step of the way to answer questions. 

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