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The Zero Point: Out of Body Projection for People Who Can't

The Zero Point: Out of Body Projection for People Who Can't

Have you tried for years to have an out of body experience (OBE) and failed? Mental wandering, astral projection and guided meditations are all a bust for you? Are people just imagining this is happening? Is this all a bunch of stoned dirty hippies making stuff up?

In this SixtySkills course anyone can learn how to project…assuming you can do the Three Releases and Establish Equilibrium with the Elements, you can learn the fundamental techniques used to do all of this and more.

The truth of the matter is that not everyone is physically designed to project out of their head into the great beyond. And for this you do not need any psychedelics either.

Especially well-grounded people make fantastic athletes, soldiers, strongmen and engineers. They have a really hard time getting their mind to float off however as a result of this.

If you enjoyed the previous coursework on the Transference of Consciousness and the Grain of Sand Exercise, you will particularly enjoy this coursework as well.

Also, using the Zero Point Method gets you access to your own internal temple on the astral plane. This allows you to carry your own sacred space around with you. Inside this you will find a world of discoveries ranging from past lives to hidden temple complexes to all manner of wonders.

More importantly, you will be introduced to an extremely effective way to make use these things in the real world when you need to use them. All of which will greatly accelerate and improve the effectiveness of any technique used regardless of background. Also, this training system has been stripped off all its religious components, as well as baggage, as such it is an energetically clean way of training this kind of work. And that is well worth the price of admission.

So, join SixtySkills today and learn how to make your own rituals.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to experience an Out of Body Experience (OBE)
  • People who cannot astral project / have an OBE

*REQUIREMENTS: The Three Releases and Establishment of Equilibrium Using the Elements

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SixtySkills is transforming the traditional transmission of meditative, and yogic, instruction from one of master to disciple to a modern online learning format. SixtySkills has covered the globe and over a thirty-year period derived the key techniques from all the major schools of Buddhism, Hermetics, Hindu-Yogic, and Taoist practice. Sixty Skills brings yogic, and meditative, instruction into the 21st century. No more kneeling at the feet of the master. All of the primary skills needed to engage any of the various meditative phenomena are available here via distance learning. If you have the work ethic, then no secrets are necessary.