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Emotional Release: The Secret Of Success With The Elements

The Method

This class that I made is based on my experience with The Sedona Method, a technique of emotional release and is an AUDIO Course. In the two years that I spent in mastering the soul schooling and mastering the elements, I used this method regularly, as it greatly influenced my capacity with elemental accumulation and charging. I am a graduate of The Sedona Method training course. I recommend this class to anyone wanting to master the abilities in Bardon's Initiation Into Hermetics. Some of these lessons are meditations, that one can listen to again and again. It's a great companion to Bardon work. It's what worked for me.

Elements & Emotions

The elements are essentially heightened and crystallized emotions. Getting emotions flowing in your system and then out of your system will bring you higher emotions like joy, gratitude, and love. Otherwise, without emotional development, the mastering of the elements and getting magical equilibrium can prove almost impossible. Many times our sense of Being is mainly in our head, but the point is to be able to have emotional sensation running down to your toes throughout the entire body. This increases higher level abilities in Bardon, too, like clairvoyance, clairaudience, and especially, clairsentience. One begins to feel, truly feel, the energy of places and people. These audio files provide a guide to energize and awaken blocked emotions, and again, are meant to be used on and off throughout Initiation Into Hermetics. 

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Emotional Release: The Secret Of Success With The Elements

This is 100% Audio Course.

Clint Sabom

Clint Sabom is an Executive Spiritual Coach for Bardon practitioners. He went to Vassar College where at 21 he had a spontaneous kundalini awakening. He has lived in a silent monastery, is widely published, and also works as a psychic. He offers coaching sessions those interested. He can be reached at