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First Step to Divine Providence

310 days of one-on-one supervised training

About this course

There are 10 steps to Divine Providence, and the objective of this course is to ensure that the student has made the first one. It is the first of eight courses that are available to qualified students. 

The main objective of this the first course will be achieved through:

- Evocation of 30 heads of the Earth Zone

- Visiting regions of the Earth Zone where they reside

- Continuing cooperation with them after the first successful evocations

The point of this course is to encourage students to overcome their possible blockages and fears and to start practicing evocation with the knowledge that they have already obtained through the first eight steps from Franz Bardon’s IIH.

Guided instructions for protection will also be given during the course.

*Prerequisite for this course is to be at Step 8 of Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon or equivalent level of experience.

**Course commitment: 310 days

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First Step to Divine Providence


This course consists of preparation videos on our platform. The remainder of the course 310 days is spent communicationg directly via email. Step 8 of Franz Bardons Initiation into Hermetics is required. 

Please be sure you understand the requirements and that this is an email based course before signing up.

Nenad Djordjevic Talerman

Nenad is an author of 'The Spirits of Tarot' and 'The Earth Zone - The First Step to Divine Providence' and several books about history of Shanghai, the city where he lives with his family. Inspired to experience different aspects of professional life, Talerman has so far been a teacher, archivist, diplomat, humanitarian, singer, factory manager and consultant living and working in Serbia, Sweden, North Korea, the Philippines, Turkey and China.