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Volting: Expressing Your Will in the Universe

Volting: Expressing Your Will in the Universe

Magicians always seem to be able to get things done really quickly. They literally bring things into form. Whatever their goals are, they manifest rapidly and seemingly out of nowhere. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Have you ever thought you could do it yourself?

Wonder no more. All the details behind how to create a volt, why you would want to do this and various issues involved are included in this SixtySkills course.

It turns out that volting is an expression of a magician’s will. It literally represents the power of a magician as a creator in the universe by bringing things into form. All of the basic skills required are detailed, how to layer the energies needed, the nature of karma in relation to volting, and what you should thing about if volting for yourself versus others.

While many consider these things to be a part of a long dead past, the reality is that none of this stuff ever left humanity. It has been here all along. That is not to say it is easy to do or something to be taken lightly.

So, join SixtySkills today and learn how to engage in the fine art of the Volting.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn magic
  • Anyone who wants to learn Hermetics
  • Anyone who wants to get things done
  • Anyone who wants to learn meditation
  • Anyone who wants to learn yoga
  • Anyone interested in Franz Bardon

*REQUIREMENTS:Building the Chi Ball, Astral Breathing, Mental Energy, the Electric/Magnetic Lines of Force, Learning How to Concentrate and Room Impregnation


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