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Bonding with your Holy Guardian Angel: Course 2

Bonding with your HGA

In Course 1 we learned about the history of Angels and especially the Holy Guardian Angel. You were introduced to the amazing world of the HGA and the fact that most every religion and faith recognizes the Guardian Angel or Guardian Spirit, a spark of God that you were born with whole goal is to help you, guide you, inform you and follow you from birth to death, if you choose to recognize it, reach out to it and embrace it. If you do so with love and will, you HGA will reach towards you and do everything it can to help and mentor you. So this course 2 is all about developing your relationship with your HGA and Bonding with them.

What will you learn from Course 2?

In Course 2 we deepen every aspect of Course 1 while introducing the following new material:

  • You will begin moving forward by learning effective ways to meditate on and with your Guardian Angel
  • A key truth about the Guardian Angel: Your HGA is speaking to you every day, but you are too busy most of the time to listen.
  • Cultivating an emotional bond with your Guardian Angel
  • Getting you Physical Body prepared to accept the rarified and intense presence of your HGA
  •  Learn and practice Spiritual Cleaning so that your divine HGA can become closer to you
  • Empowering your body to receive the HGA
  • Strengthening the Bond with your HGA
  • The occult key to success with working with invoking HGA, the powers of the Sphinx 
  • Know, Will, Dare, Be Silent and- To Commune with your HGA 
  • You will also do intensive exercises to align yourself with the higher spiritual levels to become closer with your HGA
  • You will explore the powerful use of Esoteric Oracles to widen and foster deeper and more powerful communications with your HGA
  • Think on these things as you move forward, prepare for a major shift upwards and a wonderful revelation and you embrace your Guardian Angel!

The Experience of Meeting your Higher Guardian Angel

If you choose, you can form a relationship with your HGA that is stronger than any other bond, and you can have real conversation with this being and so know what your divine will is! This is what these courses offer and I have been through all of the stages and successfully achieved what is called Knowledge & Conversation with the Holy Guardian Angel. I will walk you through all the stages, and once you are fully prepared, in the final class I will offer ritual means for YOU to achieve deep and lasting integration with your Angel. When I did the final ritual of Knowledge & Conversation with my Holy Guardian angel in 1980 I received a physically shocking, visionary, mental download of

such intensity that it took me three days to digest the download and I filled several pages with notes, images and much more. Everything spiritual I have done in my life since then has been an extension of that one ritual. Even now, 2022, I am guided daily by my Holy Guardian Angel when I meditate and in everything I do and have to deal

with, I am mentored and guided by the voice, insights and guidance of my HGA. I can not express how important connecting with your inner, divine Self or Guardian Angel is if you plan to study and work with hermetics, esoteric spirituality or the occult orders. Here is a painting (Please see the top and bottom of this page for the image) I did a week after my visionary experience with my Angel that shook me to my core just as a reminder as you move through the courses that your Guardian Angel is very real and is a divine power. Your HGA will appear to you differently, of course, but if you follow the ancient process, and I’ve done my best to make it clear and easy to do, you will succeed.

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Bonding with your Holy Guardian Angel: Course 2


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