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Meta Magick Scrying

This course offers a concise and comprehensive seven-module program that guides students through the process of constructing a fundamental set of MetaMagick fields. These fields, which are underpinned by mathematically-based magickal structures, interlock to create a stable foundation for the MetaMagick practitioner. In essence, this course provides an accelerated introduction to the construction of a MetaMagick Merkabah - the visionary chariot

An Introduction to the Course

About the course

Throughout the course, students will engage in exercises designed to elicit visions from various zones defined by the structures being studied. These visions are then recorded and mapped onto provided templates using intention and receptive intuition. Upon completion of the course, students who have completed all exercises will have created a set of talismans that anchor and integrate the MetaMagick Fields. Additionally, students will have gained valuable experience in visionary projection and an understanding of advanced mathemagical objects and figures.

As part of the course, students will also construct a specialized magickal tool to aid in the active transmutation of obstacles and the metabolization of difficult energies into a MetaMagick perspective. By the end of the course, students who have completed all work will have full control over a fully operative set of MetaMagick fields

How long is the course

The MetaMagick Scrying course is designed to be completed within 10 to 20 weeks. While the instructional videos are brief, the exercises require time for digestion and assimilation as they contain a wealth of information. The course culminates in a 28-day program of practice that integrates all tools and solidifies them into a mode or vehicle for experiencing time through the lens of a personalized set of MetaMagick artworks. It is important to note that MetaMagick is the application of artistic pressure to time itself.

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Meta Magick Scrying Course


In addition to the course there is a community/group to allow ongoing discussion. We also have comments attached to each lesson allowing you to ask lesson specific questions.

Dr. Peter Duchemin

Dr. Peter Duchemin, PhD, has been practicing esoteric Tarot for over 25 years, from an ecclectic, non-emanationist magickal perspective, specializing in calendar magick. Peter is the author of over 30 magickal calendars, and the developer of an original approach, called meta-magick that uses these calendars to realize potent spiritual energies in time with the movement of the heavens.