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Magic and Mystical Introspection

A complete path of initiation, Andre guides you from zero experience to Mastery of the Magical Arts.

Path to Adepthood

This course by André Consciência is based on Through the Soul Mirrors to the Sun Sphere, a book by the same author published at Falcon Books. It takes the practitioner through a series of steps that are in unison with the mentioned book. In turn, the book itself focus on all the steps of Initiation Into Hermetics, by Franz Bardon, as practiced and achieved via the many arts of introspection and ennoblement of the soul.

This course by André Consciência takes the practitioner through a series of steps that are in unison with Initiation Into Hermetics, by Franz Bardon, but practiced and achieved via the many arts of introspection and ennoblement of the soul.

It is for anyone wishing for a path that helps in self-realization by knowledge and dominion in the physical, emotional and psychic bodies as well as in the material, astral and mental planes.

We start from level 1 and from there to years of ongoing work, completing 11 levels and extra lessons that come by interaction with the students.

Introspection is the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes, but in how many ways can it manifest and how can it shape the world inside and around you?

The beginner will be in the right place to begin. André uses that which exists in our regular life to explain his exercises. There won't be things that the student will have to search in occult compendiums, all will have been right in front of the student. The same applies to the advanced student. They tend to become lost in technical terms and ways of execution that exist only by justifying themselves in isolation and alienation. André brings the advanced student back to the only true initiator, life, in all its vibrancy and immediacy.

“Whenever I'm mentoring, I'm always teaching the same thing. You must become sensitive to the parts of you that connect to each other, to the outside, and to that which is neither or both. It is the sensibility that informs intelligence. At this point, intelligence needs practice and the discipline that will bring about the willpower necessary to practice. Practice makes one swift. Mostly, I like to listen to people. Listening to them more than to their words will tell me what is in need of nurturing. Teaching is nurturing. If I have a model for any of my courses, it does not really teach anything. They are tools that you can handle to learn by yourself. Luckily enough Magical and Mystical Introspection gives the participants the possibility to speak to me and exchange ideas as equals. That is nurturing, that is brotherhood, that is teaching.”

This course is a combination of Initiation Into Hermetics and Through the Soul Mirror to the Sphere of the Sun taught in the most intimate manner possible, from videos to private or group conversations.

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Verified Buyer

6 months ago


Words cannot express how incredible Andre is as a teacher and guide through the detailed practices of magic, mysticism, and ennobling of the soul. He offers many keys that remain hidden when studying with other teachers. The fact that Andre is available for one-on-one questions is a tremendous value. We have discussed many topics, even ones only tangentially related to the coursework, and he always offers original wisdom and helpful insight. As an owner of the book related to this course, I can say that the two complement each other well—there’s enough overlap to keep the teachings coherent and yet enough difference to expand and enhance the lessons.

I must say: it has all been quite a life-changing experience, at a time when I really needed it, and I don’t make that claim often.

Highly recommended if you have the curiosity and daring to take a leap into the mysteries.

Ahmed H.

Verified Buyer

9 months ago

A "must-have" for aspiring magicians and bardonians !

In this course, the teacher starts by laying the foundation for future magical work for beginners , and will enable advanced students to hone their skills and accelerate their development. The lessons in the first module are very helpful to enhance one’s awareness to thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations, and to the external world as well. Coming from a Yogic and Buddhist background, I found the teachings very enriching and complementary to my meditative practices and are helping me to maintain my awareness in daily activities, and I personally I enjoy the Artistic and philosophical expressions of the Teacher.

Moreover, this course focuses on the ennoblement of the soul and building a positive character conducive to success in magic and is social life in general. The Soul Mirror system proposed by the teacher helped me to identify new black and white mirror traits, to better categorize my personality traits under the right element, and to better understand why X traits falls into X category. This course is a “must-have” for people who are working on their Soul Mirror, this will take your astral schooling to a whole another level. I am still in the second Module and I feel that the best is yet to come.

Tom B.

Verified Buyer

9 months ago

A Perfect Guide

Andre is an artist and magician; his courses are curious works of art that draw us upon a journey. Every step is an unfolding of our potential as human beings; as magicians, and his works take you all the way to Adepthood and beyond.

What is more, Andre is there to guide you on your path. He is the mentor on the Hero’s Journey and his courses are carefully laid out to point you in the right direction. This is Bardon’s goal in his works; Andre takes this to another level. Andre’s courses contain the skeleton key of Bardon’s system but makes the system into a jewel encrusted golden-bricked road. There are many hidden gems in his courses – particularly Magical and Mystical Introspection, that once understood, lights up the way to your own illumination from the very outset.

What is of equal importance to the quality of these courses is that Andre lives what he teaches, and with courses that aim at the ennoblement of one’s being and character – the perfection of turning coal into diamond is a process that takes time. Andre certainly lives up to the mastery of his own teachings from my correspondence and dealings with this gentleman and true magus.

Tom B

Kra H.

10 months ago

Life altering experience FILLED with treasures of magic and mysticism.

TLDR: - Your body is a temple of God (synonymous with the highest truth and the highest self) with the catch that you have to build it. Each layer you build rewards you with a treasure. Once you complete all the layers, you enjoy the ultimate treasure, union with God along with the powers (and keys to other doors) this stage gives you.

Andre gives you the blueprints of this temple and serves as the ' advisor architect ' of its construction.

While you build the temple, Andre wears the guise of a sweet and humble yet powerful and wise teacher ( like ChatGPT of magic but better lol ) correcting you when you place the bricks at the wrong place, when you wield your tools upside down, when you forget to wear your safety helmet haha :p, or serve as a ray of hope and wisdom, irradiating clarity in your mind when certain concepts seem complicated or daunting.

I am in the process of building the temple and was lucky enough to enjoy the luxuries and ecstasies of certain layers. I (and many) can vouch that this is the real deal.

(Check out Perseus arcane academy and falcon book publishing for more about Andre's accomplishments and works)


IIH by Franz Bardon can also be seen as this 'blueprint' of the temple of God.

Andres 2 works: -

' Through the soul mirror to the sun sphere ' (which is in the form of a book),
' Magical and mystical introspection ' (which is in the form of videos and text)

Both combined can either be seen as a standalone system (or a blueprint), OR as ' extensions ' of the blueprint of IIH. Both of these ' works ' are rich with information which is detailed yet simple to absorb and end up strengthening and reinforcing your efforts on all the steps of IIH. Again, they also serve as a standalone system.

But what if you don't have through the soul mirrors book, will you face problems? This is how Andre answered this question: -

" The whole course follows the template of Through the Soul Mirror to the Sphere of the Sun. But if it is as well done as I wish it to be, you won’t notice it unless you seek to notice it. It is something else, another heart beats there, another breath. It isn’t better or worse. Let us say they are two different angels but of the same order. "

Where IIH or any other similar system would've taken you a lot of time, hitting you with a lot of obstacles and confusions, perhaps even putting you at the mercy of defeat, this video course (and Andre's book if you have it) along with Andre's guidance, will be like a video game tutorial (that's actually fun).

It's like a video game tutorial because Andre will be investing time in understanding where you are at and if need be, even cater a customized solution for your individual case.

His solutions will have what you NEED and not what you WANT. And he will always have a solution or an answer for you because of his deep understanding of the subjects.

CONS: - Just like in a video game tutorial, if you are not going to take action, the tutorial doesn't move either. You don't move onto the next stage. This is a tutorial and not a baby-sitting course, you cannot ask to be fed with wisdom and power without taking action or to be hit with a motivation stick. You will reap what you sow.

All of what I have said is based on my own practical experience with Andre. Working with Andre has been a life changing experience for me and I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Verified Buyer

10 months ago

A great journey of self-discovery

I am at the second level and this course helps me discover myself. I notice how unknown I was to me, and recommend this course to anyone who is willing to make a journey on theirselves.

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Magic and Mystical Introspection

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This course is huge! It is 11 Levels of Guided Practice. The course provides the video lessons, but it is your job to do the work and to stay in close contact with your teacher. This is truly very personal training from a modern day adept. 

Andre Consciencia

André lives in Moita, Portugal and has been a dedicated practitioner of magic and mysticism for more than two decades.

He met Fraternitas Hermetica (an order based on the works of Franz Bardon) while still a minor and had an initiator that stood even after the order vanished. He also has worked with his old initiator for 20 years. He has experience of other magical systems such as AMORC, Order of Michael’s Grail (with roots on Dion Fortune), Thelemic Golden Dawn, Astrum Argentum, the Typhonian OTO and the OTOA-LCN.

André teaches neo-shamanism and has his own active group of practitioners. Aside from his shamanic path, which he puts to use as a simple way to reach the uninitiated, he has been through the hermetic magical systems of Franz Bardon, as well as through systems presented by Rosicrucian orders and Thelemic organizations, still being a member of the Chaorder of SilverDusk and a member of the Inner Council of the Horus Maat Lodge, in which he holds the Portuguse Nexus.