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Hermetic Fundamentals

Before we begin let me remind all students again that this is a doing course, it is purposely spread over 2-week periods as most people do not lack actual ability but lack the discipline to actually complete something, to repeatedly do something over a period of time. So this is the challenge for you, can you complete this regardless of your mind saying there is no need to? If you can complete this course, then you can go onto other courses here or elsewhere and know that you have what it takes to complete them and be successful. To follow through on a decision with actions.

You see many collect information, equating knowing it with being able to do it. So sadly, even after decades of this approach they still have very little to show for it other than a mindset that says, 'I know it'. Yes, but can they do any of it?

Build the Foundation

In this course you will develop all the foundation skills required for magic, meditation and energy work. You will touch each skill and get to know it. You will spend 2 weeks on every lesson. So, there is no rush, the course is 10 Lessons long and after lesson 1, all other lessons are released to you in 2-week increments.

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Hermetic Fundamentals