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Elastic Force Chi Kung with Sifu Mark Rasmus

Sifu Mark Rasmus' expansive online Instructor Training Program immerses students in the innermost teachings of Elastic Force Chi Kung (Course 1 of 6) and the entire spectrum of internal arts.

About this Course

Reach your Potential

Unlock your true potential in the internal arts with Sifu Mark Rasmus' comprehensive online Instructor Training Program. This unparalleled course provides in-depth instruction on Elastic Force Chi Kung and other profound practices, granting access to insider techniques and principles normally reserved for inner door students of most traditions.

With a video library of over 750 lessons structured around a principle-based curriculum, students gain invaluable knowledge and skills for rapid advancement as teachers and future leaders of the Chi Kung community. Filmed during private trainings, workshops, and courses, these exclusive videos break down foundational and advanced topics, from Qi Gong exercises to harnessing intrinsic energy and developing explosive Fa Jin power.

Sifu Mark guides you each step of the way, sharing decades of hard-won mastery refined through tireless effort and uncompromising commitment to practice. Beginners can start from the basics, learning at their own pace with his clear, detailed instruction. More experienced internal artists find a direct path to refinement and greater understanding.

This is a truly unique opportunity to further your practice under a generational master. By enrolling in the program, you take the first step towards achieving the heights of skill and wisdom passed down through the living lineage. With perseverance and Sifu Mark's guidance, you gain the tools to unlock your potential and become an embodiment of the internal arts.

What you will Learn

Sifu Mark Rasmus' online Instructor Training Program provides a profound path of development for meditators, yogis, martial artists, students of Magic and Hermetics, and all sincere seekers of the internal arts. Through step-by-step video instruction, Sifu Mark guides you to:

  • Build a robust Qi Gong practice through detailed instruction and guided exercises for energy cultivation, circulation, and control. Master foundational techniques and internalize core principles.
  • Develop explosive Fa Jin power through specific training methods. Learn to harness intrinsic energy and deliver it skillfully.
  • Enhance mind-body connection and mental focus. Use meditation, visualization, and other techniques to increase awareness and achieve alignment.
  • Delve deep into intrinsic energy systems within the body. Open meridian flows and activate dan tians through precise training protocols.
  • Expand your practice into advanced realms. Deepen intrinsic energy skills, refine Fa Jin, and achieve higher states of consciousness and being. Attain mastery under Sifu Mark's guidance.

For those committed to profound self-cultivation, this program provides unique access to the transformative wisdom and practices of the internal arts lineage.

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Sifu Mark Rasmus

Sifu Mark Rasmus began his martial arts training in the 1970s and by 1986, he opened his first school in Brisbane, Australia under the encouragement of his Wing Chun teacher, John Dugan. After teaching his first class, Mark realized that this was his life’s path and he also began his journey in Tai Chi Chuan. During the late 1970s, Mark embarked on his journey into Hermetics, when he met his first mentor, William Cook Edwards. Over the course of more than three decades, Mark has combined his expertise in martial arts and Hermetics to create the Elastic Force System, and has become a living master of Applied Hermeticism. Mark has taught thousands of students, teachers, and masters around the world the theory and application of internal martial arts, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Hermetics, Evocation, and Quabbalah. His vision is to create masters and teachers in every discipline and area of expertise with the goal of raising the group consciousness and having an overall evolutionary impact.