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The Three Transformations: How to Convert Your Energies (FREE COURSE)

The Three Transformations: How to Convert Your Energies

The ancient Chinese sages spoke of jing, chi and shen. The Hermeticists of old spoke of vital, astral and mental energies. Both spoke of ways to convert one energy into another. And the Three Transformations were born!

Ever wonder how to do this exactly? Wonder no more. It turns out this is not some mysterious thing that exists only for the greatest of saints. All the details behind how to convert one of the basic natal energies into another, why you would want to perform the Three Transformation and the various issues involved are included in this SixtySkills course.

This course details how to go from more gross, or physical, energies to more subtle energies and back again. It also discusses how to use these energies and what the various transformations do for you. Issue of passive, versus active, development and where to place the various energies are also brought up.

While many consider these things to be a part of a long dead past, the reality is that none of this stuff ever left humanity. It has been here all along. That is not to say it is easy to do or something to be taken lightly.

So, join SixtySkills today and learn how to engage in the fine art of the Three Transformations.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who want to learn the three transformations
  • Anyone who wants to learn yoga
  • Anyone who wants to learn meditation
  • Anyone who wants to learn wicca
  • Anyone who wants to learn magic
  • Anyone who wants to learn magick
  • Anyone who wants to learn Hermetics
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to get more done
  • Anyone who wants to feel more alive


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Verified Buyer

3 months ago

Teaches a practical, usable skill

Gives good insights on the nature of the energies. If you're already an experienced Bardon practitioner, you still get useful ideas on how to use things like "the light" and the vital force.

Mind you that the terminology used for Jing and Qi here may not align with many Neigong/Neidan schools. The "Jing" here is not the hot, almost liquid-feeling energy that's often worked with in these traditions, but the vital force from Initiation Into Hermetics. Likewise, the "Qi" doesn't refer here to the thick, electric-like energy, but to something more akin to Heart-Fire. I would have prefered if Bob stuck to Bardonian/Hermetic terminology, but I understand why he used the chinese terms for the sake of familiarity.


Verified Buyer

6 months ago

Very useful and easy techniques

The techniques shown here are of easy use and application. Depending on your level, effects can be instant or might take a few trials.


Verified Buyer

9 months ago

Short, simple, to the point

Yes, enlightenment easier than manifestation, but manifestation still made easier. Great course. Thank you!


Verified Buyer

10 months ago


Really helped to consolidate the understanding of disparate elements of practice over the years. Very clear & concise, allowed me to synthesize my understanding of the pathways of energies I had already been studying individually and separately. Thanks!


Verified Buyer

10 months ago

Very interesting material, daily practice is required if you want to get the whole of it.

Thank you very much to SixtySkills to share freely his experience and knowledge about a fundamental process. Everything is valuable in this course, and the link to the discord group of his master course is immensely welcome, people you can meet there, as SixtySkills, are available to answer your questions if they can.

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SixtySkills is transforming the traditional transmission of meditative, and yogic, instruction from one of master to disciple to a modern online learning format. SixtySkills has covered the globe and over a thirty-year period derived the key techniques from all the major schools of Buddhism, Hermetics, Hindu-Yogic, and Taoist practice. Sixty Skills brings yogic, and meditative, instruction into the 21st century. No more kneeling at the feet of the master. All of the primary skills needed to engage any of the various meditative phenomena are available here via distance learning. If you have the work ethic, then no secrets are necessary.