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Magical and Spiritual Banishing

Learn one of the most fundamental skills

Introduction to the course

What is Banishing?

All magical banishing comes from the same concept in all religions and magical practices around the world; Negative magical feelings, emotions, entities, ghosts, or energies that do not belong or hinder or hurt or distract from magical work are ritually removed to engender successful magical work. Spiritual hindrances are swept away in a sense. Much as we clean our house or temple before we begin magical work, so too should banishing be an integral part and included in magical work.

I have traveled to over 20 countries and have witnessed or been a part of many such rites with a variety of priests and shamans and every one of these adepts do some form of magical banishing before the rite and many are very different jet follow the same concepts.

Some include prayers, chants of words of power, some use drums, bells, feathers or pollen and still others burn incense or herbs, some use blessed water or oils, others use salt or crystals or sacred items, and many use fire or smoke to magically cleanse. In this course we will examine and sort out the many kinds of magical banishing by the five sacred elements of magic: AIR, FIRE, WATER, EARTH and SPIRIT.

About this Course

This class offers many cross-cultural methods, techniques and procedures for magical banishing that are used in spiritual, religious, occult and magical groups. Most such techniques are ‘metaphysical’ in nature, others are pragmatic. Most justify the use of magical banishing from a magical or psychological point of view. Tribal shamans are, for example, often allowed into hospital rooms in my city to banish evil spirits/energies from ill tribal believers.

These banishings often seem to ‘work’ and the healing of the patient is often significantly improved. Most people accept that the mind, body, emotional health and magical beliefs interconnect and interpenetrate and affect, positively or negatively, everyone. magical banishing has proven to be a powerful and effective tool throughout the thousands of years of human history.

You who are reading this have spiritual and likely magickal practices and beliefs. Regardless of what esoteric traditions you follow, you likely believe in a magical basis for reality and existence. I am one of those people, I believe in and practice a variety of magickal, occult and spiritual practices. For us magical beings in a magical universe, magical banishing is real: By banishing the ‘underlying’ magical or energetic basis of a problem then we help to banish the problem or it might just be good magical housekeeping!

The magical banishing techniques and procedures in this class cover a wide variety of methods of and are offered as ideas and techniques in whatever way you wish to use them in your magical or other arcane practices. Most are traditional in origin but simplified in this modern presentation. I tried to chose the techniques that seemed to be the most applicable for all adepts, occultists and magical people. May these prove actively useful and helpful to you in your Great Work.

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Magical and Spiritual Banishing


Work closely with Denny and learn the most fundamental skill of Magic. The ability to Banish forces from your immediate environment. Any questions you have Denny is on hand to answer and discuss the finer points.

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A Seattle writer, artist and university instructor whose extensive global travels and esoteric studies informed the backbone to numerous published books. Involved for decades with numerous esoteric traditions, the author has published works on Alternative Religions, Hermetic Magick, Taoism, Animism, Shinto and Tantra. 

Published books include: Global Ritualism, The Tao of Birth Days, Your Guardian Angel And You, Clean Sweep, The Book of the Horned One, Naga Magick, Dancing With Spirits, Werewolf Magick & Dog Magick. He regularly presents lively online workshops and lectures and previously hosted at conventions and gatherings. Currently residing in the PNW, the author invites and welcomes conversation on all manner of subject matter.