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Franz Bardon's Kabbalah is a system of three-point meditation, is a universal teaching of great antiquity and depth. Throughout the ages, adepts of every time and place have achieved the highest levels of magical attainment through the understanding of sound, color, number and vibration as embodied in the Kabbalah. It involves working with 27 letters that represent different energies on multiple levels. This Kabbalah serves as an internal system of cultivating personal abilities to harness natural forces, rather than relying on external rituals or entities.

Unlike many ritual magic systems, Franz Bardon's Kabbalah does not rely on invoking external forces, entities, or drawing power from egregores built up over time. Instead, it focuses entirely on the practitioner cultivating their own inner abilities and tuning into universal forces of nature directly. This makes it a system of personal development and avoiding potential external influences. By gaining mastery internally rather than externally, the practitioner remains self-reliant and in full control. This prevents outside forces from interfering with or redirecting the practitioner's intentions. Additionally, internal cultivation allows the practitioner to access more pure universal energies, rather than filtered through specific ritual forms or entities. For those seeking a deeply personal and sovereign path of magical development, this internal approach is a key selling point of Bardon's Kabbalah.

Limited Time Pricing on Kabbalah Course - Enroll Now!

For a limited time, the Kabbalah course is being offered at an introductory price. We encourage interested students to enroll now and lock in this special rate. In the future, we plan to expand the course considerably by incorporating all of the two-letter combinations from Bardon's third book, along with select three and four letter combinations. Adding this advanced content will increase the value of the course tremendously but will also necessitate raising the price. By getting in on the ground floor now, you can gain access to the core teachings at a fraction of what they will cost after the expansions. This is truly an unparalleled opportunity to begin your study of Kabbalah during this special enrollment period


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Sixty Skills Kabbalah


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SixtySkills is transforming the traditional transmission of meditative, and yogic, instruction from one of master to disciple to a modern online learning format. SixtySkills has covered the globe and over a thirty-year period derived the key techniques from all the major schools of Buddhism, Hermetics, Hindu-Yogic, and Taoist practice. Sixty Skills brings yogic, and meditative, instruction into the 21st century. No more kneeling at the feet of the master. All of the primary skills needed to engage any of the various meditative phenomena are available here via distance learning. If you have the work ethic, then no secrets are necessary.