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The digital age has led to an exponential increase in interest in occult studies, mysticism, and esotericism. The internet is teeming with courses, books, and resources, each claiming to hold the ultimate secrets of the unknown. But how many of these are practical, affordable, and taught by truly experienced teachers?

Enter this course, designed to bring you practical wisdom and techniques that work, taught by seasoned Qabalah/Kabbalah practitioner and instructor Jake Green. Using Franz Bardon’s Key to the True Kabbalah as a foundational framework, you will learn how to master the Franz Bardon tradition, traditional Quabbalah, and so much more!

Why Choose This Course?

Many practitioners find themselves stuck in outdated methods and confusing correspondences, becoming "armchair quabbalists" rather than active participants in the mysteries.

This course provides an actionable path for you to go beyond theory. Jake Green has spent years studying and practicing qabalistic and kabbalistic theurgy under the guidance of various traditions and teachers. You will learn time-tested, practical techniques for transformative work, drawing from Qabalah theurgy.

What Makes Us Unique?

This course offers a holistic approach to Qabalah. Along with in-depth theoretical instruction, we also offer unique attunements and energy transmissions that align you with various celestial energies. These attunements help you connect directly with the divine, enhancing your magical work.

What You Will Gain

  • Learn the foundational principles to construct your own personal Quabbalah Practice.
  • Increase the effectiveness of your Qabalah theurgical work eightfold.
  • Master the practical applications of Qabalah without getting caught in unnecessary complexity or spiritual debt.
  • Gain the ability to make hundreds of thousands of letter combinations in a simple, safe manner
  • Unlock the transmissions of every single letter and Multi-letter key in the Franz Bardon Tradition
  • Discover the energy signatures of omnipotence, omniscience, omnipresence
  • Access to a supportive community of like-minded Quabbalah and Kabbalah practitioners
  • Gain access to Akasha, non-dual light
  • Gain the clearest and completely untainted energy frequencies of Quabbalah from the original founder of the energies in the Sun Sphere 

Module 1: Introduction to the Course

  • Learn to understand and apply basic concepts, paving the way for deeper understanding and practice.
  • Hear the Story of how this Course Came to Be
  • Learn about Jake Green’s experiences with Quabbalah/Kabbalah

Module 2: Beginner Exercises

  • Learn to build a Qi Ball with every kabbalistic Frequency
  • Use the Akasha principle and Kabbalistic Light to unlock the secret keys behind every book, sacred image, or talisman
  • Discover the most straightforward method for connecting with Kabbalistic Frequencies that even Absolute Beginners can do

Module 3: Kabbalah Tools

  • Learn how you can use crystals, ritual items, and even spiritual deities to enhance your Kabbalistic Performance
  • Learn to use the four Elements to determine your Kabbalistic Scope and Specializations

Module 4: Single-Letter Keys and Transmissions

  • Unlock our ability to channel akashic energy
  • Unlock your ability to channel the light of the Quabbalist to be able to perform any kabbalah or Kabbalah technique 
  • Gain access to over 25+ different qabalistic transmissions 
  • Gain the ability to connect with every single Quaballistic frequency

Module 5: Multi-letter Keys

  • Learn how to Create Multi letter Key Combinations (up to 20!) 
  • Gain Kabbalistic Equilibrium Through the Five-letter Key
  • Unlock hundreds of thousands of different Quabbalistic Energy signatures 
  • Learn how to channel Quabbalistic energies through the Planetary spheres and Constellations (for currently enrolled students of my Evocation/Invocation Masterclass) 

Module 6: The Kabbalah 10-Hour Challenge

  • Discover how you can channel Kabbalistic Frequencies all day, every day
  • Gain basic competence and confidence over Every Kabbalistic Key in 30 days or less
  • Unlock the ability to create and receive instinctively multi-letter keys on the fly for practical and spiritual needs

Module 7: The Kabbalah 100-Hour Challenge

  • Unlock your ability to Practice 100 hours of a single Quabbalistic frequency with only 7 hours of actual seated meditation practice!
  • Learn how to gain core mastery over every Kabbalistic Single letter in six months (this usually takes decades!)  
  • Learn the technique for channeling Quabbalah even when you are sleeping

Module 8: Kabbalah Bonuses:

  • Gain access to My Quabalalh chart so that you can apply Quabbalah in 128 Different ways today! 99$ value
  • Unlock Early access to my upcoming title Kabbalah Made simple, a $20 value!  
  • Discover over 100+ Kabbalistic Spirits that you can learn and work with today. $100 value
  • Discover how you can Make a Quabbalistic Visionboard to actively practice kabbalah on a daily basis–– even if you only have a few minutes a day! $50 value
  • Work on creating a Quabbalah action plan so you create over 100+ use cases for Kabbalah based on your daily routine and actions! $50 value 
  • Access to an exclusive online Course, Community of Quabbalists $500 Value 
  • Have any request or question answered by Jake Green $1000 Value
  • Custom video sessions upon request to fine-tune your practice or to develop specific letter combinations (Priceless) 

And there are many more topics to come…


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